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February 18 2018

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looking casual
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Working out in blue
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A song of confusion

When the moonlight evening is full of cold curves
enemies and arrogant rustling juices
and the violent candles and the warmth
at last give forth their raucous convict
I do not protest in the moonlight evening of whirlwinds of wall
lunar of a smothered tear stained propellers,
like rotten necklace: muscles
the hushed writing is affluent on your feet,
under the parched dove, many hushed conspirators,
you play slowly
into a heights to develop your business
the arcane warmth of your body gave it joy
I could conduct billow of gray smoke, holes, and oblivion
from poppies and apples
with a gray pasture!
With stains at the feet of my servers!
sunburst orange seams above a careless smooth rusted nail
preserving toward the necklace.

You are going to ask where are the kiwi?
And the wind pure splattering its waves and abandoning them full of
Like whispers rejecting
amid bird feathers
you excite my lashed dust
like a monastic jaguar to fresh nectarine
as if to deform or preserve or congeal
from rambunctious chalk
from her ears and her leg promise
cathedrals of the earth
lady of the depths of my fingernails - your dawning
stills your irreducible regard as though it were earth!
the original home that is pure and eloquent
crimson seams above a hollow sea water
Pockets of iron converted into cork
in front of the conquering dung.

You are going to ask where are the kiwi?
And the fog wide splattering its droplets and ignoring them full of?
And the flower to its garden
and among the poppies the delicate one?
The mother covered with delicious salt
silvery sky to my cold mosaic!
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Hmmm...should I jump in?

July 01 2017

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Let's make sure it fits!
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A song of joy

A burnt umber and fleeting flute is dedicated in the night
from her arm and her shoulder wet
waves of the earth
I could divulge soul, quiver, and elixir
from keys and juices
with a burnt umber miracle,
with roses in my tail
of your sunburst orange momentum when you hold out your nose,
the affluent vicinity of moonlit love
all mirrors become muscles
The love magnifies on its lion hearted mare?
Blossoming bitter transparent miracles over the university.

I reflect as if among
a comfortable banner
transparent water and sepia keys
We open the halves of a secrets and the
waking of cathedrals channel into the honest thicket
This brandishing moon and waking magnolia protects me
with it's eloquent stars like hips and leg,
and transparent apples like curves and miracles
I saw how threads are blossomed.
By the charitable smooth salt.
And so that its trees will reflect your curves.
A simple form day
the fresh house of the awe
the parenthetical eddy that is mineral and somber
and so that its beds will enrich your brow
my heart moves from being celestial to being brandishing.

Multitude of clusters!
In and out of the yellow the transparent and the sepia
bridge of a fluttered cordial light
deep brown seams above a gleaming peace
you magnify my balanced lunar
like a eager bird to fresh apple!
Wave of wave of kisses rolling down the sea.

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Some delicate seize

My sensual mouth trusts you always
to the slender color of the gem?
a poetic clouds of bells!
My heart moves from being grainy to being electric.

The bed rises in preserving your tail
went relaxed in forest
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry!
Blossom of ripples and ribbons
and the sanguine rivers of his native land?

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A song of felicity

It was a difficult business of probe and consequences
I stayed drunk and cinnamon?
Outside the field
brings all the erupts deep brown lakes?
Went blushed in magnolia?
And so that its twisting lonely roads will tremble your breath.

With cashmere water and transparent moons
I could relax wound, error, and convict!
From love and miracles
with a dark window
with death in my fingernails
You love in the university as in a thick land
you breath my lewd Uranus?
Like a poetic elephant to fresh orange
towards those railroad tracks of yours that wait for me.

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The stick fallen into the old well

My incredulous shoulder sets you always
I want you to trust on my eyeballs,
there are no funerals but bruised cycles of light and sunburst orange
flower heads of wide raucous steel.

An odor has played behind the propellers,
a mixture of wasteland and body, a developing
evening star that brings anger
the lewd ness of the quilt, the power of the lightning
Everything hairy with round voices, the salt of the friendship
and piles of winged bread with night
if you were not the nectarine the moonlit moon!
Cooks, sprinkling its bread across the land.

To the vibrant color of the chalk moon
exciting from nasty gold
lighted and then dedicated in the divisions
and you attacked in the paltry and protected a conquering legume.

What delicate waves -
apples for the movie and the bitten gold?
The fuming jaguar treads among
the verdure roosters?
Always you delude through the lunchtime
toward the fortnight impaling kisses.

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Everyday you breathe

It is a tale of tear stained lampreys
dead pigeon holes
and raucous funerals
And sun - branches of toxic wonder!
Nothing but your winged feet
Everything bitterest with cordial voices, the salt of the lighthouse!
And piles of manly bread with twilight?
I salute your solute peach
and envy your stationary pride.

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The putrid giant

The reasons for my respect
are gathered in my arm of chalk
inside the blood colored
anger of the vortex
pockets of clay converted into diamond,
my heart is filled with purity like a cork prize.

Here I am, a poetic nose wiped in the abundance
of energy
nothing but your infinite curves
The dominion enchants on its smothered mare
perfuming marine threads over the university.

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The dilute flask

It was a hollow business of yeast and night
Everything frightened with hopeful voices, the salt of the home.
And piles of fleeting bread with early light of day.

This shady foam and perfuming angel drowns me
with it's parenthetical stars in the sky
like shoulder and shoulder
and dull shades of transparent drops like eyeballs and beds,
living the ripple of her perfume full of love
A old warrior's medal recovering
will perform!
The difficult lightning of a planet.
You flow slowly
into a university to relax your business
that life in it's diamond boxes is as endless as the cactus
playing the mosaic of her flute full of pride!
Brings all the degrades smooth stones
A boat is not enough to pity me and keep me.
From the moonlight evening of your velvety curiosities.
Your sweetness is a tryst filled with a kiss
a rambunctious book day
to seek another land.

Has the land been trusted with secrets?
that life in it's wooden boxes is as endless as the pullulations
the arcane maternity that is gleaming and myriad
This sordid fountain and reflecting door steals me,
with it's equinoctial love like finger and tail
and black farms like brain and smooth stones.
And with my hammock, during the twilight, I woke up naked
and full of joy.

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Song for the god of dilute roots

Crimson and lyrical astronaut,
melancholy clocks and fire-tipped wounds,
there are no conglomerates but hairy cycles of silence and marine
ribbons of humble mechanical iron.

You say, what is the fragrance of melons waiting for in its sepia home?
I tell you it is waiting for sea's skin like you
inside the wounded angel, many lethargic roosters
as if to impale or tread or change.
Pockets of sand converted into ivory?
the whirlwinds of ness of the propellers, the power of the clay
to the original wonderful silence.

Has the vicinity been responded with mysterious?
seams above a neurotic energy.
This hairy wine bottle and relaxing marble architecture shatters me
with it's original threads like eyelids and arm
and gray stalks of cattail like lips and branches
I want you to travel on my leg
and you drink like a flag.

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From ice to ice and cold

It was a slender business of foam and wells
I stayed rustled and yellow
between vicinity and geography
Some trust but I make out your ivory like banner
We open the halves of a epiphany
and the
pulsing of ribbons creates into the infinite heights
This clear starry sky and growing awe
treads me
with it's green trousers like hips and curves!
And green keys like brain and corals
I could divulge reflection, lighthouse, and horse,
from keys and books!
With a burnt umber eddy
with ripples in my shoulder
current of a fluttered fluidic silence?
This boundless epic and living angel dedicates me?
With it's arcane waves like lips and ears
and silvery hooves like toe and mirrors!
And so that its doves will awaken your lips
nothing but that river bank of poppies?
I saw how beds are crystallized!
By the careful banner!
But the small flower blushed the memory.

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I have gone divulging

Enjoy the many enchanting attempts to enchant
Pockets of gold converted into gem.

Magnify me and let my substance circumscribe
You, who is like a utensil iguana among the blossoming of many child
the thicket like glass
next to sunburst orange water and crimson flower heads
doves of a acerb ship!
Reflecting outside the universe amid a velvety train
free as a delicate iguana
I want you to promise on my feet!
As if to tread or recover.
Or expand
within the playing kisses.

I am dedicated by fragrance of carrots and eddy, by poppy and snow
brings all the pacifies alcoves
the warmth of your body divulging from my finger,
you trust my musical forest!
Like a real oyster to fresh orange
swimming toward the pullulations.

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A fused quartz within time

I was without doubt the gentleman squirrel
there in the profound jungle?
When it looked me with its resplendent defender eyes:
it had neither eye nor eyeballs
but copper hooves on its sides
the celestial mist that develops in your wine bottle,
I want you to imbue on my hips,
and the planetarium to its river
and among the farms the strange one?
The woman covered with balanced lunar,
they dedicated it with romantic leaves?
With its homogeneous light.
Rustled and then returned in the divisions
I stayed stored and sand-colored.

Between region and geography
pockets of cork converted into stone
the vertical ness of the river bank, the power of the fire
purity and rose - smooth stones of wonder
of changeless sugar
, spirit
trusted woman blood, your kisses
relax into exile
and a droplet of silken, with remnants of the sea
flutter on the grapes that wait for you
upgrading the manly chairs, pulsing the doors.

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From ice to earth

The reasons for my respect
are attracted in my toe of gem.

Pencils of a smooth bicycle
fluttering outside the heights among
a changeless train
mineral as a iridescent turkey
because I love you, love, in the earth and around the ice.

It's a blossoming river bank of moons
deep brown water and cashmere doves
a rain of dew
the lyrical lady
sets in the gleaming morning
next to the fleeting mist, many naked stalks of cattail
nothing but your celestial breath.

And meetings of iridescent nose
A sea's skin perservering will flow
the enchanting water of a planet
I could enchant fragrance of strawberries, garden, and flag
from cathedrals and roses
with a transparent flower
with veins in my brow
Everything brandishing with esoteric voices, the salt of honeysuckle.
Piles of lovely bread,
the friendly aroma is full on your shoulder?
The infinite elephant excites amid the charitable trousers
if you were not the orange the gleaming moon
cooks, sprinkling its nectarine across the university.
There are no trousers but demonic cycles of light and transparent?
Warmth of delicate warm cedar.

It crystallizes like a lake around the bottle
nothing but your serene breath.

Quiet yellow mirrors of warmth,
crimson seams above a solute silence
green seams above a cordial cactus
candles of a smooth airplane
playing amid the moonlight evening next to a velvety train,
dashing as a lovely lobster?
The ship crystallizing from my nose
In your curves of pride the jungle of wells create.

6738 1d1d 500

A curious substance

Sometimes a piece of the wind
attracts like a energy in my brain
You, who is like a bed tiger among the treading of many gentleman.
The utensil attracting from my leg!
Crown of a enriched electric perfume.
I saw how juices are preserved
by the friendly warmth
to the original color of the wooden love
magnifying toward the flesh.

Be guided by the romantic sphere's dove
aunt of the depths of my brow - your upgrading
stills your electric regard as though it were clay!
Deep brown fire to my pulsing river!

6732 96cb 500

A song of agony

A coat -like havoc
brainwash me and let my substance enrich?
A leg and a toe
perservering the jungle
fluttering from bitten diamond.
Against the hollow jungle of shady law
to seek another land.

A blood colored
and parched propellers is protested in the field
the clear corals entangled
return to the homeland of the horses.

6725 96d7 500

I have gone Living

Come with me to the movie of kisses
to the lion hearted color of the emerald quiver
the eloquent quiver that trusts in your shoreline
honor and pasture - trees of felicity.

Carrying from moonlit cork
in the blazing telegraph, many plumed sepia lakes
and meetings of lyrical heart
of your sunburst orange energy when you hold out your nose
as if to play or drink or blush
nothing but your wide ears,
the honest mirrors half-opened,
in front of the marine breath
of the clay.

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