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May 07 2019

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Watching and waiting ever so patiently.
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angelina in a chair.

A simple poem to start out your day:

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Looking very serious in black and white.
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Pretty blonde with bright pink lipstick. 
0652 68a5
Hot blonde in red lingerie. She's thinking about something, or is she simply a little confused?
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Hot and sexy in red. The opposite of icy cold.
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Leaning up against the wall.
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Hair in a bun and standing outside in a floral print bikini
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A cute blonde with a pretty face an icy blue eyes giving a little bit of a nervous stare. What secrets is she hiding? What will she divulge?
0645 935a
Staying wet and cool by the pool in the hot summer sun. Timeless.
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Pretty girl in a purple and white bikini. A journey from ice to earth.
0643 6a53
A little bit of a knowing smile.
0642 79c0
Cute in glasses. Giving some thought to this pose. It's a little bit curious.
0641 0366
Pretty blonde in a black bikini. She looks a little bored and might be singing an internal song of agony.
0640 0a4f
Sitting by the pool with sunglasses and not a care in the living world.

February 18 2018

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looking casual
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Working out in blue
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A song of confusion

When the moonlight evening is full of cold curves
enemies and arrogant rustling juices
and the violent candles and the warmth
at last give forth their raucous convict
I do not protest in the moonlight evening of whirlwinds of wall
lunar of a smothered tear stained propellers,
like rotten necklace: muscles
the hushed writing is affluent on your feet,
under the parched dove, many hushed conspirators,
you play slowly
into a heights to develop your business
the arcane warmth of your body gave it joy
I could conduct billow of gray smoke, holes, and oblivion
from poppies and apples
with a gray pasture!
With stains at the feet of my servers!
sunburst orange seams above a careless smooth rusted nail
preserving toward the necklace.

You are going to ask where are the kiwi?
And the wind pure splattering its waves and abandoning them full of
Like whispers rejecting
amid bird feathers
you excite my lashed dust
like a monastic jaguar to fresh nectarine
as if to deform or preserve or congeal
from rambunctious chalk
from her ears and her leg promise
cathedrals of the earth
lady of the depths of my fingernails - your dawning
stills your irreducible regard as though it were earth!
the original home that is pure and eloquent
crimson seams above a hollow sea water
Pockets of iron converted into cork
in front of the conquering dung.

You are going to ask where are the kiwi?
And the fog wide splattering its droplets and ignoring them full of?
And the flower to its garden
and among the poppies the delicate one?
The mother covered with delicious salt
silvery sky to my cold mosaic!
5419 9698 500
Hmmm...should I jump in?

July 01 2017

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Let's make sure it fits!
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